There is no shortcut to success.

The separation of Talent and Skill is one of the most greatest understood concepts for people who are trying to excel and reach their dreams.

Talent comes naturally

But, Skill is only developed after hours and hours and hours of beating on
your craft.

Me personally, I’ve never thought of myself as talented.

But when it comes to skill………….Some call me ridiculous, because of my work ethic

While the other guy is eating, I’m working.

While the other guy is sleeping, i’m working

There is no easy way around success.

Your talent is going to fail you if you’re not skilled.

If you don’t work hard and dedicate yourself you will fail


Dedicate yourself to being better every single day


Focus on making a difference, because if you’re not making someonelses life better, your wasting your time

The first step is to BELIEVE it. Believe you CAN do it

The second step is to FOCUS. This is the kind of almost desperate and

obsessive focus that I’m talking about

Protect your dream


Stay thirsty Amigo, And Always Hustle And Over Achieve


Ruben Neal


P.S… There are a lot of you who are gifted and talented and

capable of being bigger than I could……………………………….

But you think because your “talented” someone is gonna come
to your door and give it to you.

It’s about the H.U.S.T.L.E

It’s about the focus, the drive, and to keep your foot on
the gas to the point where people around you are like, “dude your good now! You got the money, you got the success and you over achieved.”

But, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………(don’t think that way)

You need to continue to work and you need to grind like you haven’t accomplished anything.

You cant get points today for yesterdays game.

You can never take a break from greatness..


To want, and to be ambitious, and to want to be successful, is not enough.

That’s just desire

To know what you want, to understand why you’re doing it, to dedicate every breath in your body to achieve

If you feel you have something to give, that your particular talent is worth developing and caring for, then there is nothing you can’t achieve.

A lot of people search endlessly for some complex magical formula for why some people are successful and some people are not

It’s really not that difficult. It all boils down to this concept of Productivity

The concept of productivity is that your gonna apply the most amount of your energy to the best of your ability in the allotted time that you have.

All successful people realize that Time is the most precious commodity out there.

It’s the one thing that you can’t buy, or buy back

So these successful people realize that they have an allotted time to perform their task.

They have to give it their all because going through the motions is the most disadvantageous thing they could ever do to themselves and their team mates.

All at team hustling and over achieving know and realize that their gonna give it their all, and put all their heart and soul into any task they have no matter how small or how large it is

Be the best person you can be while you hustle and overachieve

Break through all those barriers to get where you want to be

You could complain about this and that but at the end of the day, ask yourself, “What did I do today”

What was it that’s preventing you from getting what you really want

Do the activity with all your effort and do it right

You need to ask yourself WHAT Are You Going To Do Today

More importantly

How Are You Going To Do It


Stay thirsty amigos

Ruben Neal


I do know what it’s like to perform under extreme stress and pressure. I know what it’s like to have team mates and others depend on me with their very lives, to perform under circumstances where you face doubt and second guessing, and the unknown. I know what it’s like to focus and perform in an environment where you’re under a tremendous amount of fear and you have to hit a target because people are counting on you to do so.

This is what we are looking for in team Hustling and overachieving.  Basically we want only two things. A person who will NOT QUIT no matter what. What I’m talking about is when the chips are down and that person is pushed up against the wall and he has to go for six days straight. You will not drop the ball and you will show up when you are called to. That’s the first thing we look for.

The Second is that person will put his ego aside and all the b.s  for his partners when they need him/her. This is regardless of whether you like that person or not. The team needs to feel that they can accomplish anything when you’re on board… These are the only things team hustling and overachieving are looking for.

You Don’t Quit

You  Show Up For The Team

We are going to push you, to challenge you, to drive you to that extreme. We want to see what your made of.

You  can only lose if you give up or die at team hustling and overachieving. If you quit you give up. Simple as that. If you quit, you give up on your goal, you give up on your dream, you give up on your own set target, you give up on everything you are capable of being.

It’s all about how you show up when people need you most at team hustling and overachieving.

Is there any one here that doesn’t want to be the person when someone points the finger at you and says, “I CAN DO IT.  You Can Count On Me. If you want the impossible done, that’s why I joined team hustling and overachieving.” That’s what we want your actions to prove.

Who do you want to be?

Do you have the guts to show up and not quit?

We will see

Stay thirsty Amigo’s

Ruben Neal.


P.S. This system works




Discover How To Quit Your Job Today


Discover How To Quit Your Job Today

You know you don’t belong in your job. Sure, it puts food on the table and keeps a roof over your head, and with the economy the way it is, you should probably feel grateful for having a job at all, but you wonder…

Could you make it on your own? Could you take the leap and be your own boss? Could you get up every morning and actually be paid well to do what you love?

A part of you thinks you could. A part of you thinks you would be great at it. A part of you believes doing anything less would be a waste of your God-given talent.

But that’s the problem: it’s only a part.

The rest of you thinks about quitting your job and wants to throw up. It worries about being homeless, looking like a loser, and ruining your child’s life.

“Be rational,” it says. “Who are you to want so much? Just be happy with what you’ve got.”

And so you end up in knots, tossing and turning at four in the morning as the two sides war within you. Which one is telling the truth? Which one is lying?

You just can’t tell, and the uncertainty of it is driving you crazy…

I know, because I’ve been there

Three months ago, I did something crazy:

After thirteen years as a nurse-midwife, I resigned from my staff position at a hospital.

I’ve always been the financial provider in my family, supporting my husband as he pursues his dream of writing the great American novel, but one day, I just wasn’t happy with it anymore.

I had noticed, however, that what I loved most about my work as a midwife was talking with my patients about their hopes for their lives and their families. I realized that I was not only helping them give birth to their babies -­ I was helping them give birth to their dreams.

And then, two years ago, I had the epiphany, “These women need a midwife for their LIFE.” and my personal coaching business was born. I built it while I continued to work the same hours at the hospital.

It’s required me to work a lot of late nights and weekends, but when my clients tell me that I’ve helped them accomplish dreams they had all but given up on, it makes it all worth it. In fact, it’s all I want to do.

I love my business and it’s grown a lot over the last two years, but not enough to support my family.

So I should’ve stayed at my hospital job, right?

I couldn’t do it

I saw my friends being supported by their husbands as they pursued their creative dreams, and I looked at my husband, and I thought, “Why should they get to pursue their passions and I don’t? When would it be my time?”

It made me feel jealous and powerless and taken advantage of, and I couldn’t stand it. Yes, I want my husband to become the next JK Rowling, but I can’t wait forever. I was using food and reality television to fill the void of wanting what I couldn’t have, and that created more pain I didn’t need.

Suddenly I understood men who come home after a long day and need a Scotch or two before dinner. Quite frankly, it sucks to feel like your dreams are drifting away while you’ve got a family to support, and sometimes you just want to check out.

But I don’t want to be that man. This is my life, and I don’t want to check out for one minute. I don’t want my husband to be that man either. I want both of us to pursue our dreams and support our family at the same time.

Why does it have to be so damn hard?

Your ego wants to keep you safe (and mediocre)

Whether you call it your Ego, or your “voice of reason”, or—my favorite—your inner critic, there is a part of your psyche that wants to protect you. And if that means sacrificing your dreams, so be it. To your Ego, your survival is the only thing that counts, and your dreams are nothing more than a dangerous distraction.

But that doesn’t mean you have to believe it.

The truth is, your Ego is just another voice inside your head. You need to view it as a trusted advisor who wants you to think about the risks involved before you do anything unconventional. It’s prudent to listen to that voice, but you’re by no means obligated to obey it. In fact, challenging it on a regular basis is probably one of the best things you can do.

And how do you do that?

Ask powerful questions

The key to coming to terms with the Ego is to ask it powerful questions. Asking, “I’ve always struggled financially, so I guess I’m just not supposed to be an artist, right?” is not a powerful question. But asking, “Of the successful artists I admire, who would be willing to mentor me?” is.

“Who would care what I have to say anyway?” is not a powerful question. But asking, “When I believe there is great work inside me, what am I doing?” is—because it leads you in the direction of your dreams.

Small questions are powerful too. “What is the first small step I can take on the road to my dreams?” is an excellent question, and “What’s the next small step?” is a great follow-up.

Engage your Ego in a dialogue around powerful questions, and I promise you’ll receive good answers. In fact, you know you’re asking a good question by the quality of your answer. If you don’t like the answer, change the question! The point is to free up the voice of your passion and determination, and tone down the voice of your Ego and fears.

But wait, there’s more.

Plan for the worst-case scenario

Your Ego has another tool in its toolbox and it’s called The Worst-Case Scenario. Make no mistake, the worst-case scenario is daunting, but it’s never a good reason to abandon your dreams. How do you deal with it? Think about possible crises before you start any passion-driven work, and decide beforehand what you would be willing to do in the face of them.

For example, before I started my business I made an agreement with my Ego (and my husband) that it would be time to quit if I ever couldn’t pay the bills. Yes, I could tap every bit of our savings and invest them in my business, but I would never put anything on a credit card that I couldn’t pay at the end of the month. I’ve kept that agreement.

I’ve also considered the mother of all worst-case scenarios: being homeless, looking like a loser, and ruining my son’s life. And I came up with a plan. If my business doesn’t support my family fast, I’m willing to move us to Guatemala, where we can live well on the rental income from our house.

Now, living in Guatemala may not be the price you’re willing to pay, but are you willing to consider the worst thing that could happen to you (and your family) if you were to pursue your dreams? Can you acknowledge that there is always something you could do to make it better?

Answer “yes,” and you can get on with the business of doing your great work, because the world is waiting.

The World Needs You

You may continue to feel fear — the Ego is a white-knuckle flyer even when you coax it onto the plane—but if you can remind your Ego of your agreements, you’ll stop feeling scared out of your mind.

The good news is that you’re on this path for a reason. The world doesn’t need more people mired in mediocrity, waiting to punch out at the end of the day and knock back a stiff drink. We need you to fulfill your purpose and become truly alive.

So challenge those voices of “reason” inside your head. Plan for the worst-case scenario. And no matter what, never stop believing in yourself, because regardless of what anyone says, you can live the life of your dreams.

Now go for it!

by Jennifer Gresham

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Discover Money Saving Tips For Shoppers

With the current economic conditions, families all over the place are having a difficult time putting food on their tables. Add this to the fact that grocery prices have risen and you can see why so many people may be going without. Thankfully, there are some things a family can do to save money on food and groceries. Coupons More people are using coupons than ever and most of this is due to the fact that people can just no longer afford food and groceries and coupons can provide great savings when you use them properly. The first step to using coupons is buying the right amount of papers each week. The best way to calculate how many papers to buy is to buy one for each member of your family. If you have four members, buy four papers. This will ensure you will buy the right amounts of food items when they go on sale. Using coupons is not just about saving fifty cents to a dollar on an item. Coupons need to be matched up to the sale items and you always want to know your stores policies regarding their use. For example, one store may double coupons up to a dollar, but they will only double four like coupons. Coupon usage is going to require that you are organized and it can be time consuming. However, if you can put in the time that is necessary, you can cut your grocery bill in half or more. With the right planning, many of the items you purchase will end up being free and free groceries are something families of today can not ignore. Clearance Items You will also want to pay attention to items on clearance at the grocery store. Quite often, the day before the expiration date, the meat department will mark them down by as much as three dollars. Clearance items can save you a lot of money on your food and grocery bill. Meal Planning Going into the grocery store without a plan is one of the biggest financial mistakes that one can make. When you go in without one, your cart is going to be filled with items that you either do not need or are very expensive. Taking the time to plan out your meals for the week is going to help you to save money. Each week, you will want to plan your meals around the sales at the stores you shop at. While you may prefer one store over another, store loyalty should not play a part in your shopping. It is much more important to shop where the prices are lower.
Looking out for coupons, discounts and free samples online is another great way to save money on everything from food to make up and cosmetics. George Robert Smith
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